Year 2020

In spite of the pandemic IV International music festival Ruskeala Symphony was held on the 15 of August. Instead of three days it lasted only one, but very eventful. There were five fullfledged concerts: two of them were on the expanse of the Marble Canyon lake and three were on the main stage of the Festival in Italian Quarry. On the railway station Karelian folk-band Skylark met the guests with the national songs and melodies. Of course, the festival had a surprise for its guests: the youngest team of the Karelian Philharmonic - Male Chamber Choir gave their debut concert from the expanse of the Marble Canyon lake. Because of the pandemic they could start their rehearsals at the end of June and in 1,5 month made a fantastic concert programme. For the one day about 6000 people visited the festival.

Photo by Leonid Nikolaev 


IV International Music Festival Ruskeala Symphony
August 15. Day 1
09 : 45
10 : 30
Railway platform “Ruskeala”
Welcome concert
Meeting guests with the folk-band Skylark — one of the brand bands in Republic of Karelia, laureate of international concerts and festivals
Denis Kozlov (flute, clarinet, bagpipe, miankiuria, whistle, pilli, cajon, vocal)
Elena Magnitskaia (kantele-prima, 10 strings kantele, jouhikko, mandoline, talharpa, nyckelharpa, bodhran, pontic lyra, vocal)
Andrei Smolin (bouzouki, double-bass, vocal)
Denis Gorodnichin (accordion)
Traditional music of different nationalities (Karelian songs, dancing music and instrumental melodies)
12 : 00
13 : 00
Italian Quarry
Festival opening
Mikhail Totskii Ensemble will introduce a bright, dynamic and various coctail for the summer morning
musicians – soloists of the Karelian State Philharmonic:
Mikhail Totskii (bandoneon, bayan)
Anatolii Palaev (piano)
Miroslav Volodin (bass guitar)
Arkadii Sokolov (drums)
13 : 30
14 : 30
Music on the water
Music on the water
The concert series Music on the Water will open with the programme of a unique music band. Russian Saxophone Quartet, laureate of the TV show Quartet 4x4 (Culture TV-channel), the winner of the international competition of ensembles National Collection.
Vladimir Koznov (soprano saxophone)
Gennadii Poluiaktov (alto saxophone)
Stanislav Pialov (tenor saxophone)
Ilia Bogomol (baritone saxophone)
Music for saxophone quartet - from classics to jazz
15 : 30
16 : 30
Italian Quarry
New Russian Quartet
New Russian Quartet is well known as one of the leading chamber bands in Russia. They were several times admitted as “the best Russian ensemble” in the foreign mass media. Musicians – laureates of the international competitions: Julia Igonina (violin), Elena Kharitonova (violin), Mikhail Rudoi (viola), Aleksei Steblev (cello). They are known not only as musicians of the quartet, but also as soloists, conductors, teachers and enlighteners. Their specifity is the variety of programmes and experiments in music.
Masterpieces from the repertoire of the band
17 : 00
18 : 00
Marble Canyon
Music on the water
Debut programme of the Men's Chamber Choir of the Karelian State Philharmonic, which was created at the initiative of the Head of the Republic of Karelia (art-director and conductor – Aleksei Umnov)
Borodin, Taneev, Sviridov, Soloviev-Sedoi, adaptation of the folk songs
19 : 00
21 : 30
Italian Quarry
Festival closure
The festival is traditionally closed by the programme of the Philharmonic Orchestra with the stars of the world opera. Year 2020 in the music world is the year of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (180 years from his birthday). His and his foreign coevals music will be performed by Olesia Petrova (mezzo-soprano, soloist of the Metropolitan Opera, invited soloist of the Mikhailovsky, Mariinsky and Bolshoi Thatres), Sergei Semishkur (tenor, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre), Symphonic Orchestra of the Karelian State Philharmonic (conductor – Anatolii Rybalko), laureate of the international competitions Julia Igonina (violin), Honoured Artist of Russia Boris Andrianov (cello).
Arias from Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Bize, Puccini operas, symbol of the Russian cello music - “Rokoko” by Tchaikovsky and other
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