SMP project ensemble (St.Petersburg)

The SMP project (Saint-Petersburg Multi-instrument Performer's project) is a collaboration of musicians that does not limit itself to the framework of percussion performance.

The main feature of the project is the idea of ​​multi-instrumental performance: each member of the group plays different musical instruments, and sometimes even without them. This approach opens up truly endless possibilities both for the performance of classical music in author's arrangements, and for the performance of modern compositions of polar styles and trends.

At the concert as part of the Ruskeala Symphony festival, the collective will present a new show program based on the author's transcriptions for the percussion ensemble of music by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Zhivkovich, Ford, Jenkins and other composers.

The SMP project was initiated by Vladimir Maslov, artist of the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, member of the Renaissance Percussion ensemble.