Daniil Kramer (jazz piano, Moscow)

Daniil Kramer is a people's Artist of Russia.

He is a well-known Russian jazz pianist, producer, teacher, student of the legendary Soviet teacher Ievgenii Liberman and winner of the jazz improvisation competition in Vilnius. He plays both Mozart and traditional American blues with equal fluency. The classical performing and composing school makes Kramer's sound deep, perfect in every moment, his mastery of the instrument is brought almost to the absolute.

Daniil Kramer did many things for the first time in Russia: opened a jazz improvisation class in the Moscow Conservatory, created a system of philharmonic jazz season tickets, brought blues onto the academic stage as a serious concert genre, he showed the possibilities of a concert combination of jazz with classical ballet, body art and high fashion in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Jazz Collection festival. And, finally, he was the first Russian jazzman to create his own analytical television show True Role on the OTR TV channel.