Camerata Vocal Group (Republic of Belarus)

Camerata Vocal Group was established in Minsk in 1986. The group consists of seven vocalists with voices ranging from soprano to bass.

The sound pictures that the group creates without using any musical instruments produce the effect of co-presence in the musical reality that the musicians create with their own voices. At concerts one can get the impression that a large symphony orchestra with the most exotic instruments performs in front of you.

Today the repertoire of the group consists mainly of their own works characterized by intonations of Slavic pagan culture, natural ways and harmonic comparisons. The repertoire also includes classical and Orthodox music, jazz. Ideas that include both vocal traditions and innovations are woven in their music, making the sound original and memorable.

Camerata successfully performs all over the world: Germany, the USA, Norway, Turkey, China, Iran, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and Ukraine.